Life Goals: Sharing Jesus Through EDM


Steve Aoki EDM DJ [public pic from internet]

  • What is EDM? Electronic Dance Music (gets mixed up as being techno)
  • Why EDM? Why not?

I am about 9, my mom takes me to Record Rack (old store in Downtown Little Washington, PA). I choose a record that is surprising to my mom, it’s from Dr. Ice and the Educated Rapper titled Roxanne, Roxanne. I wanted a more racier album, but it was too dirty lol, so I settled for the Dr. Ice one. I’m antiquing myself here…the record had the words “hell” and “damn” bleeped out :). I was so absorbed in it, I had to be told to shut it off. Run DMC, LL Cool J, and N.W.A., The Sugar Hill Gang, Prince, etc.(I could go on and on!) soon followed. It was not the lyrics that got me, although I do appreciate the meaning of words, it was the instrumentals and samples that really spoke to me.  I had a double tape deck and would use it to mix songs from the radio and from my record player, real high tech right? I would see sound boards and scratch tables in my head, seed planted, I grew to appreciate all types of sounds. From metal to bluegrass, I was mixing music all day in my head. Music can be a powerful drug, some people listen and enjoy..I listened and consumed!

Since I made the decision to be a rebellious teenager and had a baby at 17, my dreams were kinda put on a shelf somewhere. I find myself at 36, wondering why I still have no soundboard, no mixes, no concerts.

When you are born to do something and don’t do it, you end up in this dull zone; I liken it to a living purgatory (don’t get offended Catholics). I was called to share music and I feel that somehow.. The Creator will make this possible! If I get my lazy butt up and start moving towards that direction!

This is what I feel Paul meant when he spoke of not getting married in the Bible. It is not wrong to get married and have babies, but it takes you away from The Creator , just a little. You’ve gotta split your devotion a little, kids need nurturing, your significant other also needs your attentions, balance! I give props to anyone out there who has balance! The Creator needs to be first, we’re human/not perfect/we have to struggle to find that balance.

I hope to someday share a blog titled: Tomorrowland rocks!

Stay educated and healthy, my brothers and sisters.IMG_20151105_124028

Oil Pulling Part Deux!

Hello! I know, this oil pull blog is overdue!  I no longer have a battery to my phone {I threw my phone} the battery has disappeared into that place that things go when they get lost in your home {the trolls took my battery and ate it}. So, I tried this oil pull with virgin organic coconut oil for a week, nothing really happened.  Perhaps I did not swish long enough or just did something wrong. The good news is, I had longer lasting fresh breath ha.ha.ha..

I have been using the coconut oil for hair and skin and in my opinion,  the external use has proved more promising!  My frizzy split ends look like nice healthy pieces of hair and my skin feels (and smells) amazing!  I’ve included a link up top from a 2014 Fashionista blogger, who probably did a better experiment than I! As always, please seek the advice of a professional before testing any health theories or claims.  Happy health hunting!

My Oil Pull Test

I like to try out new ways to better health.(insert laughter here). There is a saying, it actually came from the Bible…do things in moderation. I’ve loosly tried to do this(with the exceptions of smoking and alcohol) I’m still trying to quit smoking.

So, for one week I am going to do this oil pull

If you go to the above link, there are useful tips on how to oil pull. If you are allergic to coconut, there may be some alternatives for you on that site. I started this morning, while making our (Bill and I) coffee. First impressions? Organic coconut oil does not taste like I thought it would, and it’s expensive! I’m not promoting any specific brand here,shop around first! I purchased a Giant Eagle brand for around $8…and then found a $5 can at our Foodland here on Henderson Ave in Washington, PA..hence the shop around tip lol. My mouth does feel like it just got cleaned at the dentist office though. I will do this for one week and then post my findings. As with everything medical, please, consult a professional before trying anything new. These claims of oil pulling, of course, have not been approved by the fda. I am not a medical professional and everyone is different when it comes to results.

I put a teaspoon amount in my mouth and swished it for 20 minutes(not the whole 20 minutes, I let it sit too, to rest my jaw). If I start seeing results, I will continue,past the one week and tell everyone the results of that.

Stay thirsty for knowledge, my friends.

Why I’m Kinda Jealous of My Brother

December 2007

 I woke in Warren, PA in December 2007 to a nightmare.

I was trying my hardest to squeeze a few minutes more of sleep in before getting ready for my job at WalMart, when a phone rang. I pretended to be sleeping so my ex-husband answered it. After he got off the phone, I could feel him staring at me. “Julie? Julie, please wake up..I’ve got some real bad news”

I rolled over and looked up and saw tears in his eyes. “Julie, Phil is dead.”

“What??” I was in shock, my brain trying to comprehend. “Your mom will be calling you back”, was all he could get out without crying. The phone rang, when I answered, all I could establish was that my mom was crying. After a moment of processing , all my brain could comprehend was this: my brother shot, dead, no more news yet”

After that gut wrenching call..I had to brace myself for another call..I was asked to call my dad. I do NOT have a good relationship with my dad. As the timing was, my dad was at church.. It was the best place God could have him be for this horrible news. I don’t beat around the bush very well I asked him if he was sitting down he replied “Just spit it out!” I had to repeat myself, “Dad, Philip is dead”

My dad’s phone disconnected, worried he may have fainted, I immediately called back. As expected I got rapid fire third degree questioning. I had no answers. I went to work like I was in a trance. My ex-husband didn’t think I should, I said “Would you prefer I go to the bar, get trashed and possibly go to jail?” I said the same to my manager as he was ushering me out of the stock room and ordering me home to “rest and let the news sink in”

I didn’t want the “news” to sink in! My brother was due to come back to PA for a visit and hang out with us for a little bit…to reconnect with his niece and nephew.. To visit our grandparents and my dad. In my my mind I went through all the stages of grief…and when I revisited the grief stage of anger…Satan was ready in the form of our neighbor’s birthday party that night and about 12 different bottles of liquor with weed stacked… All in a neat little container of “fall off the wagon stew” I lost count after the 10th shot of rum. I got so high, I ended the night with incoherent screaming at my ex-husband’s tattoo of a dragon…foggily thinking I was screaming at Lucifer.

When I later went to Phil’s memorial service in Colorado, I learned how he died, living completely in Jesus. I learned how unselfish and compassionate my little brother was in his short …Short! Life.

I immediately forgave my brother’s murderer.. Because his killer was also dead…he shot himself in the head and was no older than my brother. I not only forgave this young man because it would save me from destroying my soul with hate, but because he made my brother a martyr for our Creator… An example of complete sacrifice to the world..a light of God not snuffed…but illuminated 100 times over!

That’s why I’m kinda jealous of him…he died living for God, not for his own Glory.. But for God’s Glory!

I declined all interviews from the mainstream media… Knowing all my brother’s story was to them.. Was ratings and a good sound bite. A Christian radio station called me after they had overheard that I forgive Phil’s killer. I finally relented and gave a woman from the station an over the phone interview. She was so fascinated at my bold statement of forgiveness. I told her, our hearts get harder the fastest when unforgiving fruits fester and rot there..and eventually kill us in one form or another.

Love one another, not just the loveable ones of us, but the ones that seem untolerable and rough to be around.

Bless you .

Do We Pick Who We Belong With?


Men and women don’t always get along HA! Well NO DUH! People, in general, don’t always get along…but do we really choose who we’re meant to be with?

One thing I can say for certain, everyone has got a story. I could go on and on with my stories…but I won’t. It’s quite simple and complicated at the same time. A man in a leather jacket and sunglasses introduced his self to me, by smacking my ass in public. If that seems less than romantic, it’s because it was. I really have no idea what was going through Bill’s head when he did that, but I don’t care:) My first reaction was to punch him in the face, instead I simply asked him why he smacked my ass. I believe he said something to the effect of “Because it looked like it needed smacked” or some such unclassy statement.

I can say that by sunset, I was either totally in love, or I had completely lost my damn mind! This blog post will probably make Bill’s ego inflate (if it could possibly inflate more he he) I could not stop thinking about how I had allowed a total stranger to smack my ass! I also could not stop thinking about Bill….did I choose, or was that decision already made for me?

Let’s flash forward past all the drama that kept us apart, I still feel the same way, if not more deeply in love with this man, as the first time. I don’t tell him a lot about all of my “feelings”, because I’m not usually a mushy pile of girly. I still feel shy and just young around him. I feel scared sh*tless and protected at the same time.

Again.. Did I make that decision??.. Do I care if I did?… NO! What are YOUR thoughts? Do you think us humans are fated to be linked to just one other soul? Or do you feel that only certain people are and certain people are not?

Up date: My fiancé, Bill, has informed me that I leaned back into his hand. He has a different version of events(hope fully he will add his two cents once we’re settled)

My Current Storm


A lot has happened in just the past couple years. I try and see storms in life how my Creator would… A season.. A moment… A blink. Since I’m only human, it’s a struggle. We all struggle… CEO, boat captain, farmer, church leader, men, women, children… no matter what corner of the world.. We struggle. Some issues are small and some seem impossible.

My current storm is..I’m homeless with three of my children. Although they have seemed to adjust pretty well ( there are other kids at the family shelter) I am a hot mess! I am back in therapy. waiting on meds that I probably needed to be on sooner. My brain won’t be kind enough to turn down at night for restful sleep and I’m just plain tired. I already have chronic aches and pains..but that’s what happens from a youth spent wrecking bikes, climbing buildings and trees, and basically doing whatever challenged me physically. Ha! I’ve been down this road before. It’s a road littered with feelings of regret and loneliness and pain. I have my children to concentrate on, that helps a lot. I feel like a loser in moments of sheer panic.. I cry out “Well, what now God?”

When our comfort is ripped away, we’re left with a feeling of grief. I’ve done this many times..have a life everything is awesome.. have that taken. Everything sucks! Rinse, repeat. Somehow I feel this is my heavenly Father’s way of giving me a whoooin’. He says “Julie, I told you what I want you to do, you’re NOT listening!”

I am a stubborn child. I know exactly what my purpose is..I’ve allowed myself too many detours.. And so, I cannot blame my Father for teaching me lessons. I crave instruction, I desire to do what my Creator has asked of me…my flesh however and the fallen Angel.. Have lots of distractions for me. My kids are a blessing, but they are also a distraction from what God wants from me. My ex-husband, my jobs, my running around in my addictions… Distractions lead to inactions.

Since I got saved at release time Bible camp..I believe I was 8 or 9..I was at a camp in beautiful’s affiliated with the United Methodist Church, of which I am an inactive member..located in Southwest PA. Since getting saved there, I knew in my heart why I was created. To use music to reach people… Yeah, I’m obviously still not doing that. EDM..electronic dance music is very popular with ravers and drug addicts..some are both a raver and a drug addict. I love all types of music though.. I’ve even got into opera and chamber music lol..yeah, sounds boring. I like some of the music from each era, genre and category. I’m definitely not a snob when it comes to different selections. I even appreciate a very vulgar rapper named Dirt Nasty(old MTV vjay Simon Rex) yes, he is definitely nasty..but that’s not what I take away from his “art”. He tells a story in pretty much a lot of his music…a story of how Hollywood really your favorite celebrities REALLY are.

Back to the subject at hand. Lol…Yes, I am homeless. Yes, I know I won’t stay homeless forever..I know this storm will come to an end and I’ll be able to continue to work on what God wants and not be stubborn about it(very difficult, but simple to Him)

Intro To Me

I have been blessed with a new phone, so hopefully I can now blog.

Pleased to meet you! I am Julie. I will be turning 36 on the 20th…yay me!

My beginning. I was born on top of a cow barn in a town called Palmer, Alaska. My mom tells me the northern lights were out that night (a rare occasion for august) and they were beautiful!  I like to leave doors opened on purpose so if anyone asks if I was born in a barn, I can smartly say “Yes!”

My mom and dad and little 8 month-old me moved to a town called Little Washington, PA. We stayed with my grandparents for a bit, then moved to West Virginia, I  am not sure what town. My two brothers were born in West Virginia. We moved back to Little Washington again and stayed with my grandparents. While living in my grandparent’s spacious home in East Washington, I attended Faith Christian School. Faith Christian layer the foundation for my faith in God. My mom and dad found a place in the west end on Addison Street…I proceeded to learn there; how to cuss, spit, drink beer, flip people off, and be a general menace to society (sorry mom). That shouldn’t be a bad reflection on my mother, who did try very hard to teach me how to be a good girl. I let peer pressure get the best of me. I continued my education at Faith Christian, until we moved when I was about 8, to a cozy country house on route 40. I found myself in a small public school called Laboratory. On my first day, I told a huge story to the class that I had moved from NYC…yeah, the teacher knew better but she let me ramble on. I didn’t want to be there, I was angry that we moved. At about my sixth grade year, we moved again… to the other side of east Washington. On Springfield Ave., I learned more about life than a young girl should, but I’m glad I did….as later in my life, I needed that to survive on the streets.

I have since then lived in Pittsburgh, California(the state),Oklahoma,back up to Alaska, Warren, PA, and back to Little Washington, then Finleyville..,,and now recently.. Back in little Washington.


Things to know about me; I’m scatterbrained.. Crazy….I skip back and forth like a roller coaster! I also hope whatever I blog about…people will feel they’re not alone on this globe.

This blog isn’t about anything in particular, I post whatever I want and people are free to comment whatever they want.


15 Fantastic Horror Films Directed by Women

I recently found this and I am reblogging for any women who are writing or directing and feel frustrated. It’s 2015, abd yet women are still being pushed down. My horror fans for life group posted a question “What are your three favorite horror directors?” I couldn’t think of one single woman for that question! It’s not just Hollywood or the office…women are being trampled on in church, music(not pop) I am talking of EDM and non fluffy music…Not saying pop is bad music….women are still being dismissed, but people don’t wanna get sued, so women are getting dismissed in more colorful ways, but dismissed ALL THE SAME!

The Sexy Shame of Patriarchy…

This is by far the smartest, most articulate blogger..I’ve ever had the joy to read.

Jory Micah


I read an article not too long ago about the sex lives of those in egalitarian marriages versus those in traditional marriages. It stated that those in more traditional marriages had better sex lives because the wife normally did not work a full-time job so she was less tired and stressed. I thought, “Oh great, another study that traditionalists will use to argue their case.” But then I got thinking…

What if it is more than this? What if there is something about patriarchy that turns a woman on in the bedroom? Think about the massive sales of the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Women flocked to this book, which was all about a woman submitting to a man who wanted to dominate her sexually all the time. At one point I heard that they were going to start putting this book in hotel rooms beside the Bible. I am…

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